Open for every space enthusiast. Open for every individual who always wondered what’s going on out there. Open for EVERYONE interested in astrophotography whether you’re a beginner, amateur, educator or professional.

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For Everyone

Welcome to SAIA, the Swiss Astro Imaging Association. Enjoy the discovery of the sheer endless and amazing universe with other likeminded enthusiasts.

Just a beginner and don’t know where to start? No problem! Our very active commmunity is more than happy to help, guide and share their tipps & tricks with you.

We’re open for all levels of knowledge and skill from beginner to professional - to discuss, enjoy, learn and spread celestial appreciation and photography.

Join SAIA now and have the opportunity to attend regular meetings, star parties, courses and other special events.

swiss astro imaging association

swiss astro imaging association

What do our Members say?

Anna P.

I embarked on my astrophotography journey by joining SAIA. I've always harbored a love for the night sky, but it was at one juncture that I realized my desire to capture its various objects through photography. Given my limited knowledge and uncertainty about how to begin, I was immensely grateful for the opportunity to join the association. From the outset, I received substantial support and guidance in my initial attempts at astrophotography. One aspect of SAIA that I find especially appealing is the diverse skill level of its members, which spans from novices to seasoned photographers. In this way, we are all able to learn from each other, sharing in and contributing to one another's journeys.

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Would you like to support our association and members in our activities? If you want to become a passive member of the association, please read our statutes and get in touch with us.

We are also grateful for every donation which helps us to invest more time to explore, image and report about space.


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