Technical card

Bubble Nebula with Salt and Pepper

Locations: Zurich City, Switzerland

  • Camera: ZWO ASI1600MM Pro
  • Mount: Ioptron CEM70
  • Telescope: SharpStar 20032PNT

Exposure Details: Total integration time 21 hours, 300x120" Ha, 150x120" Sii, 150x120" Oiii, 120x30" RGB

Information from the author

The prominent central bubble, hence the name of the nebula, is caused by massive solar winds of young stars in the center of the bubble.

This is a crop of a wider field, which you can see on the subsequent image. The field also includes the faint background nebula Sh2-161 and the highly turbulent Northern Lagoon Nebula (Sh2-158). In the top left of the wider field image you can see M52, the open star cluster also known as Salt-and-Pepper cluster.

I recorded this image over the course of multiple nights in September 2021 from my backyard observatory. Its an SHO / Hubble palette composite.

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