Technical card

The Pelican Nebula

Locations: Switzerland, Zurich City

  • Camera: ASI1600MM Pro
  • Telescope: SharpStar20032PNT f3.2 200/640mm
  • Mount: SkyWatcher EQ6R

Exposure Details: Total integration time: ~11 hours, 150 x 30" RGB, 593 x 60" Ha+Sii+Oiii

Information from the author

This image series shows the Pelican Nebula, also known as IC5070. An emission nebula in the constellation of Cygnus. IC 5067, also known as the "neck" of the Pelican Nebula, is prominently shown in golden color. It’s a dense gas region with a high content of ionized sulfur.

We moved into a house with our own garden and I finally managed to set up a semi-permanent astrophotography setup. This allows me to spend even more time collecting photons of distant objects in space.

I’m happy to finish this project after 3 successive nights.

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